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Summer Self-Care Saturday: The Ancient Science of Ayurveda for Health + Healing
1:00 PM13:00

Summer Self-Care Saturday: The Ancient Science of Ayurveda for Health + Healing

Ayurveda is an ancient science of self-healing that originated many centuries ago in India and is practiced throughout the world today. It is a sacred system rooted in simple, common-sense principles that help us to bring our bodies back into balance- leading us to live longer, healthier and fuller lives.  

This 2.5 hour workshop is about taking small steps to create an ongoing lifestyle that fosters self-care, wellness, and self-love. The way you start your day inevitably sets the tone for how youโ€™ll spend it. Join Jennifer Byrne (MPH, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner) and Abigail McClam (Holistic Bodywork Practitioner) on Saturday, August 4th to learn what elements make up an Ayurvedic daily routine, their benefits, and how you can start cultivating healthy habits. inspired by ancient traditions of healers and yogis. 

Hands-on techniques will be shared and practiced in class. Together, Jennifer and Abigail aim to inspire you to embrace Summer-Self-Care with tangible resources chosen to help you create lasting healthy habits, including:

Dosha Quiz: 
Find out your unique mind-body type, and learn how to tell if you are out of balance

Daily Ayurveda Self-Care (Dinacharya): 
Learn the basic tips and tools for creating a morning routine that creates balance, removes toxins, and inspires you to make healthy decisions throughout the day.

Guided Breathing Exercise (Pranayama): 
Breathing exercises can be a simple way to reset, clear the mind, and reduce stress

Herbal Support:
Learn about gentle herbs and herbal teas that soothe and nourish the body, support digestion and help you sleep.

Self-Care Massage (Abhyanga): 
Learn step-by-step instructions on the ancient art of self-massage! Known in Ayurveda as abhyanga, this practice is the perfect way to nourish, moisturize, and bring comfort and balance to your whole body. Dosha specific oils will be discussed to be sure you choose the best oil for balancing your body composition. 

*Class also includes an Ayurvedic Self-Care Kit: a sample-sized dosha-specific massage oil, a sample-sized "Daily Swish" oil, a copper tongue scraper, digestive herbal tea, pink Himalayan rock salt, a guide to creating your own daily self-care routine, and a crystal therapy stone to take home.

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Staying Healthy This Spring with Ayurveda
6:00 PM18:00

Staying Healthy This Spring with Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, Spring season is the Kapha time of year. With springtime, the earth is coming back to life all around us, and the sheer magic of it all never ceases to inspire. However, some of us enjoy it less than others, thanks to the predominance of kapha dosha in the external world- favoring mucousy conditions such as allergies, sinus infections and respiratory ailments of all varieties. As we learn to recognize the cyclical rhythms of nature, we can begin to shift our diet and our activities to synchronize with the new season and avoid common seasonal imbalances. Join me to learn Ayurvedic principles and practices that can help us to transition into a healthier Spring season!

Please contact Holy Cow Yoga Center at (843) 769-2269 to register! 

Cost: $20 for current HCYC passcard holders; $25 for those without passcards

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